Original and new Panasonic A5 400w Servo Motor MSMD042G1A

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Part Number MSMD042G1A
Product Servo Motor
Details Low inertia, Lead wire type, IP65
Product name MINAS A5 Family Servo Motor

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  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    Spec Detail As of July 31, 2022

    Item Specifications
    Part Number MSMD042G1A
    Details Low inertia, Lead wire type, IP65
    Family Name MINAS A5
    Series MSMD Series
    Type Low inertia
    Protection class IP65
    About Enclosure Except rotating portion of output shaft and leadwire end.
    Environmental Conditions For more details, please refer to the instruction manual.
    Flange sq. dimension 60 mm sq.
    Flange sq. dimension (Unit:mm) 60
    Motor lead-out configuration Lead wire
    Motor encoder connector Lead wire
    Power supply capacity (kVA) 0.9
    Voltage specifications (V) 200
    Rated output (W) 400
    Rated current (A (rms)) 2.6
    Holding brake without
    Mass (kg) 1.2
    Oil seal without
    Shaft Round
    Rated torque (N ⋅ m) 1.3
    Momentary Max. peak torque (N ⋅ m) 3.8
    Max. current (A (o-p)) 11.0
    Regenerative brake frequency (times/min) Without option :No limit
    With option :No limit
    Option (External regenerative resistor) Part No. : DV0P4283
    About regenerative brake frequency Please refer to the details of [Motor Specification Description] , Note: 1, and 2.
    Rated rotational speed (r/min) 3000
    Rated rotational Max. speed (r/min) 5000
    Moment of inertia of rotor ( x10-4 kg ⋅ m²) 0.26
    Recommended moment of inertia ratio of the load and the rotor 30 times or less
    About recommended moment of inertia ratio of the load and the rotor Please refer to the details of [Motor Specification Description] ,Note: 3.
    Rotary encoder: specifications 20-bit Incremental system
    Rotary encoder: Resolution 1048576


    Permissible load

    Item Specifications
    During assembly: Radial load P-direction (N) 392
    During assembly: Thrust load A-direction (N) 147
    During assembly: Thrust load B-direction (N) 196
    During operation: Radial load P-direction (N) 245
    During operation: Thrust load A, B-direction (N) 98
    About permissible load For details, refer to the [Motor Specification Description] "Permissible Load at Output Shaft".


    A5 series drive

    Realizes quick and accurate movement. Fast response & High-precision positioning


    Adopted New Algorithm Two-degree-of-freedom control(2DOF) to improve productivity and machining accuracy.

    In the conventional model, because we could not adjustseparately feedforward control and feedback controls, in other words even if we only adjust Approachof feedforward, it had connection with Settlingof feedback control, mutual adjustment was required.

    In 2DOF adopted A5series,feedforward and feedback controls are adjusted separately, meaning

    "Approach" reaction to the given command, and the "Settling" can be adjusted separately.

    Realized low vibration and reduction of settling time.

    Realizes tact speed of the electronic component mounting machines, improves the accuracy of surface treatment of

    metal processing machines, allows for smooth operation and High speed industrial robots.


    Easy and quick adjusting time. 5 times faster* than conventional


    Greatly improved operability, easy-to-use software PANATERM.

    We have upgraded setup support software PANATERM, the convenient tool for parameter setting and monitoring often required during start-up of the machine for adjustment motor and driver. Improved to more easy-understandable screen.


    Equipped with Fit Gainfunction to realize speedy setup.

    Newly developed feature "Fit Gain" maximizes the characteristics of A5series. And adaptive notch filter function can reduce the vibration that occurs when the rigidity of the device is low, you can set and adjust automatically the best variety of gain.


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