Abba linear is produced by Taiwan Linear Technology Co., Ltd. Founded in 1999, it is Taiwan’s * * professional manufacturer of linear slide rails with four row bead self-lubricating patents and actual mass production. International Linear technology has accumulated 18 years of manufacturing experience of precision ball screw, mastered the core key technology, and combined with the research and development ability of linear ball slide of Taiwan University of science and technology, successfully completed the mass production plan in 2000, and obtained a number of world patents!

Since its establishment, Abba has made continuous efforts to take root in the market and product quality. It has won the ninth innovation and Research Award, the sixth little giant award in 2002 and 2004, the sixth little giant award, and the second silver award for new ventures. In addition, it has won the approval of the Ministry of economic affairs Industry Bureau for the award of investment in emerging strategic industries, It is confirmed that the efforts of international line in the past five years have been unanimously affirmed and supported by customers, manufacturers, industry officials and academia.
Old model high assembly model: brh15a brh20a brh25a brh35a brh45a brh15b brh20b brh30b brh35b brh45b brh20al brh30al brh35al brh20bl brh30bl brh35bl brh45bl
New model: brc15a0 brc20a0 brc25a0 brc30a0 brd35a0 brd45ao brc15r0 brc20ro brc25r0 brc30ro brd35ro brd45ro
New high assembly extension model: brc20la brc25la brc30la brd35la brd45la brc20lr brc25lr brd30lr brd35lr brd45lr
Old model low assembly model: brs15b brs20b brs25b brs30b brs35b brs45b brs15bs brs20bs brs25bs brs30bs brs35bs brs25bl brs30bl brs35bl brs45bl
New model low assembly: brc15uo brc20uo brc25u0 brc30u0 brd35uo brc45uo brc15su brc20su brc30su brs30su brc20lu brc25lu brc30lu brd35lu brd45lu

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