Mr. Shi, the founder of Hongjun, graduated from Sichuan University and his major was mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation! During the university, Mr. Shi has mastered several different courses which was related to machanic designe and electric automation which is really  necessary and very helpful for his future work especially when he enters the factory automation field!




After graduated from Sichuan University, Mr. Shi entered Sany Group which is the NO.1 manufacturer in the heavy machinery fields and Mr. Shi played the workshop manager for welding!

Thanks for the experience in Sany, Mr. Shi has many chances to know more about these cnc automatic manufacture equipments such like CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, CNC machining centers, CNC wire EDM machine tools, CNC EDM machine tools, laser cutting machines and automatic welding robots ect.

At the same time, Mr. Shi found its so hard to get the maintenance spare parts at a necessary speed and by an acceptable cost! Buying the automation spare parts was very hard and the cost was very high, especially when you want to buy several types of components together for repairing of the automation equipments! These situations bring big problem to the manufacture in the workshop especially when the equipment is broken down but cannot be repaired in time which will make a big lost for the factory!


Sichuan Hongjun Science and Technology Co., Ltd. founded!

Hongjun starts its business with only 3 persons and in a small office!

At beginning of its business, Hongjun mainly focus on the product of planetary gearbox, Hongjun planetary gearboxes have many advantages such like high precision, good price and high ability to matach with famous brands servo such like Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, Delta, Teco, Siemens ... and Hongjun planetary gearboxes is compatabile with famous brand Neugart so most customers come to Hongjun gearbox because they can directly turn to our gearbox with same high quality but much lower price!


Hongjun moved to its new office and expand its team to be 6 persons!

During these years, based on its quickly grow up on the sales of planetary gearboxes, Hongjun expand its products to be servo motors, inverters, PLC, HMI, liner products...


Hongjun started cooperation with Panasonic!

Hongjun started to sell Panasonic servo motors and its drives! Especially Panasonic A5 A5II and A6 series!


Year 2008

Hongjun started its cooperation with Danfoss on inverters, Hongjun are specialized in supplying new and original Danfoss inverters series such like FC051 FC101 FC102 FC202 FC302 FC306...

At same time, Hongjun was trying to establish cooperation with other inverters famous brands such like ABB Siemens ect.

At end of this year, Hongjun annual sales reach to 2 million dollars!


Hongjun moved again to its new office which is more than 200 square meters and Hongjun team now has grew up to more than 15 peoples!

At this perioed Hongjun products range also expanded to be: servo motor, planetary gearbox, inverters, PLC, HMI, liner blocks, sensors...


Hongjun expanded its products range again! Since 2011 Hongjun started its cooperation of Delta automation products! Hongjun covers all Delta factory automation products such like Delta servo A2 B2 series, Delta PLC, Delta HMI and Delta inverters!

At second half of year 2011, Yaskawa also started its cooperatin with Hongjun especially on its servo products Sigma-5 and Sigma-7 !


Hongjun started to sell Yaskawa inverters!

Till now Hongjun covers all main famous brands inverters such like ABB Danfoss Siemens Yakawa and some other famous Chinese brands!


Hongjun developed one type of hub motor with encoder inside and which was become most popular very quickly in the field of service robot, AGV cart, medical equipment ect.


Korea famous brand Samsung cooperation contacted Hongjun by its robot department and started cooperation with Hongjun on the wheel servo motors for its logistic car!


Hongjun bought its own office which is more than 200 square meters and moved to its new location-JR Fantasia which is beside the China Commodity Exchange Center(CCEC), at same time Hongjun team has more than 20 professional guys which can make sure a good service for all of our customers!