Whether they be used in the manufacturing of our customers' devices (eg. robots, computers, etc.), or in public facilities, SANYO DENKI products have to be useful, and provide increased performance. In other words, SANYO DENKIs role is to support each customers business by developing products that offer them the most obvious means to achieve their most ambitious goals.


We develop, manufacture and sell cooling fans and cooling systems.


Our fans are used to reduce the effects of heat that is generated inside PCs, servers, and other electronic devices.


We develop, manufacture and sell uninterruptible power systems, engine generators, and solar energy power conditioners.


We provide power back-up devices to the financial industry in which power stoppages are not an option, and develop power conditioners for solar energy systems.


We develop, manufacture and sell servo motors, stepping motors, encoders/drive units, and control systems.


The precise movement and stopping abilities of our motors make them ideal for use in medical devices and industrial robots.


Hongjun supply Sanyo products
At present, Hongjun can supply bellowing Sanyo products:
Sanyo servo motor

Post time: Jun-11-2021