Automation and Intelligent System Products

TECO Automation and Intelligent System Products are capable of offering forward-looking automated industrial application services, including servo-driving technology, PLC and HMI human-machine interface, and smart solutions, which can meet the needs of flexibility, energy saving, and high performance of production lines, leading to higher output and performance in industrial production.


We have served customers with automated systems in various fields, including iron/steel plants, foodstuff/beverage plants, textile plants, and OEM plants. To meet customers' industry 4.0 needs, the electric-control division will continue providing innovative products, complete presale/after-sale technological services, and real-time product application technological solutions, helping customers upgrade their productivity with our specific or integrated system solutions

Brief introduction of electrification products

As the company's core business from the start, TECO's electromechanical unit has own R&D center, global production bases and marketing/service networks, and complete and extensive global deployment. In line with the trend of IoT integration, innovative application, and energy conservation, the unit has integrated motor, reducer, inverter, and electronic protective relay, offering power transmission system products and marketing services and optimal custom solutions, thereby helping customers achieve the goal of "safety/stability, cost reduction, performance enhancement."


TECO's electrification products conform to multiple international standards, including CNS, IEC, NEMA, GB, JIS, CE, and UL, on top of passing various international certifications. The company is capable of manufacturing complete lineup of motors, covering low-, medium- and high-voltage motors, ranging 1/4HP to 100,000HP, and 14.5kV ultra high-voltage motors. At the same time, actively push the development of "green products," engaging in, one step ahead of peers, the R&D of high-performance motors, boasting substantial power saving and energy consumption, which testifies to the company's active role for "the protection of the Earth's environment."

Hongjun supply TECO products
At present, Hongjun can supply bellowing TECO products:
TECO servo motor

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