Speed Reducer PLF160 For Delta Servo Motor ECMA-F11820SS

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Planetary Gearbox PLE160 10:1 Ratio For AC Servo Motor

Hongjun reducer: usually matched with servo motor and stepper motor for use, mainly to reduce the high speed of the motor.
The PLF series are straight teeth, and the backlash is usually from 7arcmin to 12arcmin. The backlash is different if the reduction ratio of the follow-up product is different

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Product name Planetary gearbox
Gear type Spur gear
Model number PLF160
Ratio  Single Stage 3:1 4:1 5:1 7:1 10:1
Backlash <7 arcmin
Mtach to All the brand servo motor ,all the brand stepper motor
Suit size 160mm Servo Motor, 180mm servo motor


Planetary gearbox is a widely used industrial product, which can reduce the speed of motor and increase the output torque. Planetary reducer can be used as supporting parts in lifting, excavation, transportation, construction and other industries.


2) Gearbox outline dimension: 40, 60, 80, 120, 160
3) Reduction ratio: 1~512
4) Lubrication: Lifetime lubrication
5) Input speed: 3000- 6000rpm
6) Life: 30, 000 hours
7) Backiash: Stage 1: <3 (arcmin)
Stage 2: <6 (arcmin)
Stage 3: <8 (arcmin)
8) Operating temperature: -25C to +90C


Large precision planetary gear reducer is widely used in: wharf, mining, transportation, lifting, construction, oil, ocean, ship, steel and other fields.

Small (micro) precision planetary reducer is widely used in medical devices, smart home, consumer electronic products, antenna drive, home appliances, automobile drive, robot field, aircraft field, etc.


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