Panasonic PLC FP-X0 L30R Programmable Controller

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  • Panasonic PLC FP-X0 Series AFPX0L14R AFPX0L30R AFPX0L40R AFPX0L40MR
  • Panasonic Programmable Controller FP-Xo
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  • MOQ: 1pc

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    Performance specifications

    Item Specifications
    Controllable I/O points : Control unit DC input: 16 points
    Relay output: 10 points
    Transistor output: 4 points
    Controllable I/O points : When using FP-X E16 expansion I/O units -
    Controllable I/O points : When using FP-X E30 expansion I/O units -
    Controllable I/O points : When using FP0R expansion units -
    Programming method/Control method Relay symbol/Cyclic operation
    Program memory Built-in Flash-ROM (Free of backup battery)
    Program capacity 2.5 k steps
    No. of instruction : Basic commands Approx. 114 kinds
    No. of instruction : High-level commands Approx. 230 kinds
    Processing speed 0.08 μs/step for basic commands, 0.32 μs for high-level commands (MV commands)
    Processing speed : Basic time 0.18 ms or less
    I/O refreshing + basic time When using E16: 0.4 ms × No. of units
    When using E30: 0.5 ms × No. of units
    When using FP0 expansion adapters: 1.4 ms + the refreshing time of the FP0 expansion unit
    Memory for processing : Relays : External input (X) 960 points
    (Note) The actual usable points depend on the combination of the hardware.
    Memory for processing : Relays : External output (Y) 960 points
    (Note) The actual usable points depend on the combination of the hardware.
    Memory for processing : Relays : Internal relay (R) 1,008 points
    Memory for processing : Relays : Special internal relay (R) 224 points
    Memory for processing : Relays : Timer・Counter (T/C) 256 points(Note)
    ・Timer: (1 ms, 10 ms, 100 ms, 1 s) × 32,767
    ・Counter: 1 to 32,767
    (Note) The points of the timer can be added as required.

    Production line control

    PLC technology is widely used in the control fields of various production lines, such as the automotive industry, electronics industry, machinery manufacturing, etc. The PLC module can realize automatic control of various production processes on the production line, such as automatic assembly, processing, packaging, transportation, inspection and other operations, improving production efficiency and reducing labor costs. For example, in the body welding production line in the automobile industry, the use of PLC can realize automatic control and adjustment of body welding, improve production efficiency and quality, and save labor costs.


    Robot control

    PLC can be used for robot control in automated production. Through PLC, the robot's motion control, feedback control, autonomous decision-making and other functions can be realized to improve production efficiency and production benefits. For example, the application of intelligent robots in the field of electronic manufacturing can automatically complete the assembly and bonding of electronic components, reduce manual operations, and improve production efficiency and product quality.


    Energy system control

    PLC can be used in various energy systems, such as water pump control, wind power generation control, solar energy control, generator set control, etc., to achieve efficient use of energy and automatic control of energy systems. For example, using PLC for solar panel control can realize automatic tracking of solar resources and automatic control of solar panels, optimize solar energy utilization efficiency, and reduce electricity costs.

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